Binding Chaos (paperback, 2020, MustRead Inc.)
4 star

The world is overdue for a completely new system of governance. If there was ever …

Both too detailed and too shallow

3 star

This book gives a wonderful introduction into the problems of modern society to people who may not be aware of some of the shortcomings of representative democracy, monetary markets, nation states, and community governance.

A lot of the ideas that Heather brings forth are based on anarchic principles of self governance, with the acknowledgment of limitations of true flat organisations (for example based on difference in experience and expertise), and proposes models to account for these differences that don't lead to "hidden oligarchies".

Where I find her analysis extremely lacking are in relation to human psychology (both existing and utopian), the relegation of labels as something undesired instead of as a byproduct of language, and analysis of markets that replace wealth with a kudos system that leaves almost no room for rehabilitation.

Furthermore she proposes mechanisms of shunning, with optional prison sentences without an analysis of why prisons are fundamentally …